We can offer these proven, repeatable benefits to our advertisers:

An ability to develop qualified leads month over month. We work carefully to match our advertisers with our best audience segments. And when a product or service clicks with our audience, they typically respond with vigor.

We can actually increase brand awareness for many of our advertisers who may not ordinarily have opportunities for exposure in media savvy, conservative households.

Our ratio of advertising to editorial content is much lower than what is typically available. This allows our advertisers to really stand out and get noticed! Your ads will never be mixed in with unfiltered ads from ad networks or exchanges. Let us help you reach out and connect with our audience in a manner that will bring you success. We provide unparalleled, cost-effective opportunities to maximize visibility in an optimal setting in order to build your brand awareness, generate qualified leads, drive traffic to your offer and lift sales. Opportunity is knocking at your door!

While most Internet radio show are produced in basements and attics, LEVEL UP is produced in a studio similar to those used by radio professionals.

With testimonies FROM AROUND THE GLOBE, LEVEL UP features diverse content. Not only does the show conduct interviews with some of the most extraordinary people, but we also spend time out of the studio to bring you the stories you want to hear.

The overall theme of the show is simple…Give Glory to God through the microphone. We knew that selling is necessary to stay in business but our ultimate goal is to encourage people with the Word of God through our testimony.

Going back to music, because it is radio, we still have an opportunity to bring in new music and new people to the forefront who may not have had an opportunity before to get their music out. On a personal note, I think that for me and my co-host, this gives us a platform to meet and greet other people in this industry. Show them the love and grace of God.

There is more to just making a buck. God has put us on this earth for real deep relationships. No riffraff, no hidden agendas, just good clean conversation humbleness uplifting encouraging and open to one another. That’s what this show is all about.

LEVEL UP is a new vibrant entertaining and encouraging show based on the word of God. Why entertaining so to keep your attention just for a little while.

Tune in every Sunday from 3 to 6 PM to listen!

Level Up is the industry’s premier spiritual show. Listeners want a regular, easy-to-access outlet that presents practical solutions and explains how to implement them. Advertisers want a media outlet that connects them to a target audience of people who are eager to make a change, and looking for the best products and services to make those changes a reality

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