Level Up

LEVEL UP is for those who want to hear a new perspective for their lives. God is using our platform to reach the unreached. It’s a community of people who seek stronger relationships and a better world. The trust our audience has placed in us implicitly transfers to our advertisers because they know we are very discerning about who we expose them to. This relationship can be carefully leveraged within our channels, and for many, the results have been outstanding. Our audience is educated, spiritual, engaged and loyal.

Listeners want to learn about the best way to become the best person they can be. LEVEL UP satisfies that need by providing listeners with our own personal testimony and spiritual advice, and connecting them with everyday who are willing to share their lives with our listeners. We feel this is the best approach because everyone learns for one another, and our guests have their own advice that appeals to the needs of our audience. For advertisers who want to connect with an audience that is ready to change their lives, LEVEL UP is the solution

Wouldn’t it be great to tell more than 50,000 engaged listeners about your product? You’ll find that we’re more than just a radio show. We can expand your social network and showcase your brand through online and broadcast marketing. Our continuously growing audience includes listeners who want to learn about health, fitness, finances, marriage, raising kids, starting a business, organizing tips, new products and services.
Results: In our first full year on the air we saw a 200% increase in listenership. We are proud to be one of many popular shows on Mixx106Radio. We broadcast weekly on this radio platform—which gives you a vast number of potential listeners to learn about your brand.

When we launched our radio show, we committed ourselves to the highest standards. That means combining our expertise with the most respected names in the organizing industry— bringing our audience a breath and depth of knowledge that are unmatched. Your products and services will be mentioned alongside the very best names in your industry.

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