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LEVEL UP began as “a dream come true” talk show for personality Angee Scott aka “Angee from the B”.

She began her radio career on April 17, 2016 with her then business partner, Gina Towns Thompson. They began the talk radio show “Sizzlin Sunday” on WTNT Radio. Sizzlin Sunday was the first all talk inspirational radio show on the platform. Then in January 1, 2017 Angee struck out on her own and launched… “LEVEL UP”

LEVEL UP is a radio show discussing life related topics. Since we started the show April 17, 2016, we realized that we had an opportunity to give everyday, ordinary people with extraordinary stories a mic. They speak about their life experience and their triumphs. It is a platform for people to have an opportunity to talk… to have a conversation. Everyone has a story and through conversation, people can learn from one another. Our goal is that everyone who comes to this show has an open mind and heart to speak and listen to one another. The hallmark of our show is the in-depth interviews, so expect to hear many guests from all walks of life.

LEVEL UP listeners can tune in anywhere around the world, giving them the freedom to enjoy the show in the gym, in the car, at home or work. LEVEL UP broadcasts once a week and each show is 3 hours. The shows consist of the 2 on-air personalities: Angee Scott and Nolan Holloway Jr. We are constantly sharing our personal experiences with our audience. We give our listeners a perspective that no other show could possibly duplicate. The passion for people that only the people of God can have. LEVEL UP has built loyalty with people. Some of our passed show topics consist of politics, health, finances, marriage, raising kids, starting a business, domestic abuse, racism, homelessness, homosexuality, church hurt, etc.

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